Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In which I don't have much time to post anymore, but here are photos of what is going on.

It may be unrealistic, but I am bound and determined to get the first floor space done by September 1. We have been working long days and thinking about it long into the night.  We are almost there and a lot is going to happen this week and next for us to make it there.  Landscaping even starts tomorrow! 
Greg and I are putting the floor down now and we almost made it half way yesterday before our backs gave out.  I say us, but Greg is the one doing the laying out and the nailing.  I am hauling and cutting the boards and muscle-ing them into place when they are warped.  I am also in charge of sanding and finishing.  I experimented on the bathroom floor first, which is gorgeous and has many layers of a hand-rubbed tung oil finish with a final coat of tung oil and resin....I have finally come to the conclusion that it is just too labor intensive to do to the whole first floor space, and I have found an alternative that will take half the time and produce similar results...a non-shiny matte surface. 

this is the bathroom after two coats of tung oil

three coats

fourth and final coat. 

We cleared out the first floor and Greg worked on prepping the subfloor.  I really love this space, it is unique in Belfast and reminds me of a city loft somewhere.  Or an Old Port, Portland, Maine space.  

Greg had a hell of a time casing out the front windows and doors because of how crooked the original windows are. He brilliantly finished the job and they look great!   He was nailing in the last nail on the last piece of molding around one of the upper windows....was on a ladder with a nail gun when a woman with a chihuahua in the crook of her arm, popped her head in the window behind him and asked him what the place would be...then the dog barked, scared the s^^t out of Greg, who popped a nail in the wrong place and then tumbled off the ladder...she walked away unscathed and Greg ended up with a sore back and shoulders and a broken window pane....

The flooring is gorgeous.  This photo was taken on the first day around lunchtime.  We almost made it to the wall before our backs gave out.  Not only did we put the floor down, but we had to move that pile of flooring and one more slightly smaller to get to the wall.  

The roofers finish today, or so they say, after a month on the job.  The heat pumps get installed tomorrow and the water hooked up over the weeeknd.  Zoom Zoom!
We are taking a break from the floor today, Greg goes to Portland for a dentist appt.  and I head to Fairfield for a day of auctions...wish me luck!

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Dad T. said...

The floor and windows look great. Wish I could be there to help you!
Happy Birthday Greg!
Love......Mom & Dad T.