Monday, July 28, 2014

In which we make a groovy discovery

Greg and I spent a large part of the weekend prepping the front of the first floor of the Ocean House for painting.  We were a bit annoyed at how the trim around the door was handled, so Greg ripped it off and I cleaned out the 1960s newspapers that were rolled up and nailed to the interior board to act as insulation. We covered the interior with spray foam insulation and packed pink insulation in around the window above the doors, but not before we documented the incredible construction feature of the front entrance to the building.  

We were told by our favorite previous owner that the sides of the entrance into the front door used to BE the front doors...I kind of believed it, but never thought anything of it.  When we bought the building, these windows you see below were just thin sheets of plexiglass.  New frames were made (twice) and double panes of glass installed

This window frame was covered over with thin cardboard that was stapled to the frame....there must have been quite the draft through there in the winter!

As I removed the rolled up news papers, two things struck that under the 1960s newspapers were trim boards painted metallic silver...groovy!!  and two, that the hinges for the original doors were still in place, meaning that one day 54 years ago, someone just propped open the doors, cut them down, and framed them in standing ajar, creating a new single doorway

 Sorry to say that I sprayed insulation over all of this and then we framed in the doorway with beige trim.  No more groovy silver for the ole girl, she has gone more conservative these days!

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Randy Crankshaw said...

Noooo shit. Just propped 'em right in and built a new door. hilarious.