Saturday, August 30, 2014

In which we put in some finishing touches....and give a big "hooray for our team" cheer!

It is just six o'clock on Saturday morning and I lie in bed tired and sore. We have some more finishes to do to the first floor space over the next two days before keys exchange and Lisa begins her transition from up the hill.  The last several days have been mind-blowing.  Thursday, we had 10 guys working on the place (including ourselves) and yesterday our excellent friend David called to say that he had three guys who could come and help out for four hours.  12 hours of free labor??  An amazing gesture and one that we gladly accepted  In four hours they painted the front porch after Greg put up the architectural brackets that we found online.  Last night was the August "Final Friday" art walk and we kept the lights on at the Ocean House for all to see....I feel like we created our own work of art with the Ocean House and I wanted to show it off.  Thank you everyone for you help and support.  

The brackets are cast foam that come pre-primed. I couldn't find exactly what we were looking for, so we had the idea to modify them by cutting the L-shaped brace back...the results are a bracket that gives more movement and is lighter in feel.   

Greg and I also spent two days installing the ceiling on the porch.  It is painted "Pacific Pearl" a blue color that I found years ago and have always liked for covered porch ceilings.  

I can't tell you how pleased we both are with the new space.  The floor is gorgeous.

Dan Waldron and Larry Jones came down and started some exterior work at the beginning of the week.  Larry created the retaining wall at the top all with stones and rocks and boulders we found on the lot.  Dan created the granite wall with the pavers that we hacked out of the ground underneath the building.  Dan continued work all week on the grounds of the Ocean House and he did a splendid job! The boy has talent!

All of these pieces of granite were found on the property and cut to fit for a staircase.

Whitecap came and built a beautiful ADA ramp to the first floor porch after Dan graded the property.


Dad T. said...

All I can say is WOW!

kathy said...

The braces are like frosting on the cake! So lovely. Kudos to you and Greg for a beautiful addition to downtown Belfast.