Monday, August 11, 2014

In which this probably isn't as exciting for you all as it is for me....

We have our first floor down!  Yay, this is the heart pine flooring that we have for the first floor retail space. We loooove it!! Gives the space that old time effect, and the boards are 5" wide, which is another bonus While we were working on casing out and painting the front windows, the boys installed this floor today so that we can go ahead and put in the bathroom for the first floor space, for which I just ordered the fixtures.  
I think the boards are we get to experiment with finishes. One of my very good friends is a furniture conservator and one of the finest wood finish experts in the country.  She talked to some people and came up with an oil finish for us that will bond with the wood, creating an organic moisture barrier that will be good protection against wet winter boots and muddy spring wellies. The floor finish is made with a mixture of tung oil and resin and from reading their website, it seems to be a great product. It is called Waterlox.    She told me that her contacts recommended to never use polyurethane on a floor because it is not as durable as an oil based finish.  

 I found that while it is very easy to order a sink online, ordering a toilet online is very difficult for me,  I need to see the darn thing in person.  So, that is on my outing list this weekend, along with the requisite grab bars for the walls 

Meanwhile, we had a full crew there today, installing fire doors, finishing the roof, taping and mudding the stairs, waterproofing the porches on the second floor, etc.  Phew...the countdown is getting close, but they caught us up so I am not as panicked anymore.  

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