Thursday, April 3, 2014

In which we trim, trim, and trim the building.

People will think I am nuts, but I don't like plastic trim.  I don't like fiberglass trim.  I like wood trim.  I insisted on having wood trim all around the building.  I think wood trim just looks better.  This might kill us, it might be the bane of our existence in 10 years or so, but I like wood trim.  
The boys down at the building think I am nuts.

Greg spent the last couple of weeks painting trim boards at the only available warm room we have...the downstairs at Sunny Side cottage.  It has sat vacant for the winter and is now being put to good use.  I started there yesterday, painting the trim surrounds for the windows, which the boys have pre-made, so all I have to do is wrangle these 7' tall frames onto saw horses and prime the hell out of them...and then give them a few good coats of tan paint.  That's right, tan.
Yesterday afternoon, I primed two of the frames while on an hour long conference call. (shhh, don't tell)  

The more exciting photos are here though.
You might remember my post from May when Pegi, Greg and I were deep into designing the dormers.  Well, those dreams are being realized now that the trim is going up on the dormers.  I have been warned about pigeons and water and all sorts of famine and pestilence stories with regards to me wanting the dormers trimmed out as mini versions of the front of the building, but this is where I want to spend the money to make the Ocean House the pride of lower Main Street.  This building has languished too long on the wrong side of despair and it deserves a new life and a new look.  Call me crazy, but this is how I feel.  

I was asked the other day by a city official why we just didn't tear the building down and start from scratch.  Despite me losing confidence in said official's capacity in wanting to preserve the integrity of the downtown area, I proudly told said official that it was important to me to renovate, not obliterate.  

I love this old building and seeing these new dormers trimmed out and crisp looking gives me great joy.  She is coming back to life day by day.  Though the trim on this particular dormer isn't quite finished yet, it is looking awesome.

One of my favorite details on the dormers are the replication of the very geometric details under the returns.  You can just see the cove molding going on at the left side, that will continue on the front facing.  I get goose bumps just looking up there, it makes me happy.  
My hat is off to the boys from Whitecap builders, they understand that this building will be a focus point of downtown and they are stepping up and doing an excellent job.  


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice detail, subtle but very elegant.

Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns!!!!!!!!!