Friday, April 4, 2014

In which we are painting fools, and I mean fools!

A truck from Viking lumber arrived at Sunny Side yesterday and dropped off 1400 board feet of pine trim.  Combine that with the window frames that are already made up, and the results are tiring to think about.  Greg and I are doing our part to prime and paint all the trim as fast as we can.  Greg already painted about 1000 board feet of trim, which, if you are a regular reader, you know is already going up on the building.  

So we are painting fools!  I want to get all of this done before I have to leave for NYC next week (same day Greg begins jury duty!)
Color us frenzied, or tan, whichever you prefer.

Mid paint on one of the 7' tall window frames

The painting studio! Note the finished frames stacked up over the fridge

The delivery yesterday, the stack of 12" boards are around the corner

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Dad T. said...

It just keeps getting better by the day. Greg on jury duty???? Thats scary!

Love the dormer trim details. that will add so much to the overall look of the building. Keep it going.