Thursday, April 24, 2014

In which we have window trim!

I am on the road in Philadelphia.  By the time I left yesterday morning, all but five of the window frames had been painted and installed.  Granted, these photos are a few days old, but they do give a good indication of what the window trim looks like.  I like it, the shape of the window itself gives the plain window frame a bit of visual interest.  The hope is that the clapboard might start going up this week or next.  

I do love this view of the building.  

By now all of these window frames below have been installed. 

very excited!

NYF finished pulling up the floor Tuesday, the same day the electricians installed the new power pole for the food trucks that will be installed in the back lot.  Over the weekend, we did some work to the lot by removing some storm damaged trees and lopping off some branches on other trees.  I spent some time looking for a motorized earth auger to dig the 5 foot deep hole we needed for the power pole.  I ended up hand digging the hole over two days, and figured it was deep enough when I had my head and shoulder inside the hole and couldn't reach the bottom.  The pole has been put up, and now we are just waiting for CMP to flip the switch.  The week of May 1st will have Fox on the Run food truck serving breakfast sandwiches and other tasty food!  

I am sure you are all sick of digging photos from underneath the building, so I won't post any more here.  We found that the lower level is still wet from the small river that runs under the building, so new digging is going on to install more drainage.  I hear  from Greg that our cement guru wants to pour the floor next week.  When that happens, we will be on our way to finishing that floor and getting it in showable condition.  

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Dad T. said...

The trim really looks great. I like the trim band on the side of the building the way it comes down from the eves.