Sunday, April 13, 2014

In which we continue the painting and start doing other chores

We are working behind the scenes these days, trying to line up heating system quotes and roofing quotes and learning about the benefits of solar panels and whether we can afford them right now.  The boys are working on building the moldings around the roof line, which can be a very slow process, but they are doing an amazing job.  I blew back into town from my sojourn to New York to find that the boys removed the rest of the moldings from the front of the building.  They do this when I am away, I think, so that I can't stop them.  Greg told me that all the moldings and trim had to go because of the rot they found either behind the boards or on the boards themselves.  Don't worry though, new boards will be coming as soon as the special sized crown molding arrives, shipped from somewhere in New Jersey.

We are still in the thick of painting the frame surrounds for the windows.  I just completed the 14th frame.  Pretty soon it will be nice enough to paint outside or something.

We are also trying to dry the basement out in preparation for setting in drains and pouring a floor.  When the addition had no roof, a lot of water got in the lower level and froze there.  We also want to wait for the ground to really thaw out so that we can level the dirt with a sand layer and get to work.  It is getting to be the busy time for everyone and we need to get moving before all our subs move onto other jobs.  


kathy said...

and I know where you're doing your indoor painting! I'm enjoying watching your progress on this building, from here and from the road. Hope to see the inside when it's finished?

seth said...

Yes, of course! We are going to have a grand open house fundraiser for Our Town Belfast when the spaces are finished...perhaps August? Give me a shout when the family is here and I will take you all over there.