Sunday, May 5, 2013

In which we get our act together and get some plans.

Dormers, dormers, dormers!

We have spent the better part of the last three days deciding on dormers for the third floor of Slum and Blight.  We don't want them too small for fear that we won't have maximum view potential, we don't want them too big for fear of overwhelming the building.  I want them to match the very geometric aspect of the building and Greg wants to make sure I can stand up on the third floor.  We drove around and took photos of lots of dormers, drove around Belfast to see what others who came before us had done.  After three days we, together with the very talented Pegi Miller, figured it out.  

While we wait for the meatloaf to cook for tonight's dinner, Pegi busily drafts a "final" version of the layout for all four floors of Slum and Blight.  It is nice to have our own in-house drafting department of sorts!  Greg and Pegi went to college together where they both learned to draft in the architecture school.  Greg saved a lot of time by measuring the space and drafting blue prints of the shell for the building. After all talking about what we wanted over drinks, food, more drinks and then some cocktails, she went to work.  Our living room is covered in pieces of tracing paper, photos, ideas on scraps of paper, a totally cool electric eraser, and protractors!  
She is now at the kitchen table doing a final draft before she flies back to Los Angeles tomorrow. So engrossed is she in her work that when I pulled out a blueberry/ pineapple upside down cake out of the oven, she asked me when I had made it...I asked if she didn't notice that I was cooking while she was drafting..."no" was the reply I got before she put her eyes back to her work.  

It all hinged on the dormers!

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