Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In which I use my old camera and realize how good the photos are!

I pulled out my real camera yesterday to take some shots of the progress at The Ocean House.  I forget how nice photos can be when taken with something other than a camera phone.  The photo below shows the progress on the front of the building!  Yay for new, not rotten moldings!!  As I think I said in the last post, we had to special order the crown molding, which should be here today and ready to paint. All I can say is thank gosh the stuff is pre-primed!  I just picked up the new transom window frames to paint today too.  I really am excited to get some glass in those and get them back into place.  Looks below like we are waiting for some hurricane to come along!

I love that I took this photo from across the street, sitting in my car.  The detail and the clarity are great!  The lighter colored caps on the returns are metal and of course don't match, but they are paintable and do protect the caps from rot.  Now to protect from the pigeons! I love the plain style of the moldings and I think they add a lot of character and charm.  Now I cannot wait for the roof and the siding! 

We've finished almost half of the window frames, so the rest shouldn't be so bad.  I have to hurry though, May is almost here and I need to do some painting and cleaning of cottages before the season starts!

I also have to start working on this area, where the food trucks are going.  We have to get a power pole into the back corner to service the vehicles that will be there.  Anyone want some beams??

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Dad T. said...

The front trim looks really good. Will you have to replace the wood siding on the front or can it be filled, sealed and painted?