Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In which there is little time to post here, but I wanted to share some progress photos.

This is one of those "sorry for not posting in so long" posts.  We have been busy!  

The final foundation coat went on last Thursday.  I immediately thought "Oh shit, what did we do!" It is quite red.

Then a few days passed and I was cool.  This is five days in and I love it!

The North side will take a bit more time to cure.

We still have to back fill here by about 6-8", so really, one won't notice the foundation colors from the front of the building.  But, we decided that the lower level needed a bit of eye catching....and it works!  I really think the brick red was the way to go.   

Greg has been hard at work making the front of the building as adorable as possible.  His railings are gorgeous and so impressive.  The first floor railings are not finished yet, in case you were wondering.  I am trying to get all the old caulk off the boards on the first floor before we prime and repaint.  It is a bitch, but satisfying!

 a shot of the railings on the upper porch

The apartment has been primed...it looks like a real apartment now...well, almost

I love all the angles here, they came out well

I spent yesterday faux-ing the new support columns to make them blend in with the old wood

I have also been spending a lot of time in the lower level, painting and getting it ready for flooring.  We were going to stain the floor, but several problems arose.  One, the mudders never put down paper before doing their thing, so the plaster stained the floor.  I spent three days scraping and washing the floor to nice effect, but the stains are still there.  Two, we think a floor will really finish off the space better and make it more attractive and less basement-like. 

This photo shows the walls as yellow, yet they are linen white, but the ceiling is this gorgeous blue that we discovered several years ago.  Nice trim on the windows though.

The colors are better in this photo, but I wanted to show the window trim in the photo above. 

We played hooky yesterday afternoon and had a well-deserved rest on the boat while our favorite painter slapped some toxic fire retardant paint on the ceiling in the first floor space.  

Apparently we will be getting a roof starting tomorrow!

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Dad T. said...

Greg, I like your railings. Lot of nice detail. Everything else looks good. Now get out the weed eater and cut the weeds!