Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In which we are feeling the ceiling on the first floor

As I said in a previous post, Greg told me that he would work on the ceiling of the first floor and that he had a plan all worked out to make it look great.  We had a lot of replacements to make to the ceiling above where there were lots of holes and pipes from years past.  After spending several days scouring the wood and getting all the crust off, Greg got the ceilings looking fresh, but still old-y-timey. He decided to blend the old and new with stain.  It took a few tries, but he finally found a formula and technique that worked magic.  
The orange support beam that you see in the foreground is an LVL beam that helps hold up the building.  Greg vows to make it disappear.  

Keep in mind that the "Y" posts are all new, Greg simply applied his magical wood aging process and now they appear to be oxidized the same way the ceiling is.  After he finished, Greg looked at me and said, "see, it looks like our house now...and everyone loves our house!" Which is completely true.  

 Meanwhile I worked getting the old sun blocking film off the big picture windows and wanted to show these photos with all the new double paned glass in place.  A bit of elbow grease and some glass cleaner got the big windows cleaner than they have been in years!

The view straight to Main Street through the front windows

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