Sunday, July 27, 2014

In which....Brambles!

Here are some photos of what I like to think of as the "Brambles" space.  We got together with Lisa in February or so about the space and she really understood our vision for the building and for this space in particular.  We have admired Lisa's business since we found her shop one day in Damariscotta.  When we heard she was moving to Belfast, I thought to myself..."self, this is the beginning of the boom for Belfast if Brambles is moving to town."  And now, we get to have her as our anchor tenant.  The Ocean House will truly be a destination place now! 

As you know, our favorite painter has been working on the ceiling here...four coats of clear fire retardant paint.  The photo below shows the finished product. This is one of those times where I am glad we decided against doing this job ourselves.  I almost passed out trying to paint the first coat of this stuff. My eyes watered and I got dizzy...and was dizzy for the hour after I left the building.  OFP didn't seem to mind though, but he is experienced in applying the coating.  

I am taking the morning off at present to enjoy this quiet morning on the porch listening to the birds and feeling the breeze, but come noon, I will be at the space ready to prime and hope to finish that today.  I spent an hour or so there last night and did the back three walls, so I am confident I can tape and finish the prime coat today.  

We are going to pick up the heart pine flooring on Tuesday. We purchased a five inch wide unfinished solid heart pine floor with random long widths, which seems pretty appropriate for the space.  It has to acclimate for 72 hours before using, so next weekend may be floor weekend.

 I'm glad we replaced the frames on the small windows and added the clear window above the door...the view onto Main Street is the really see what is going on town and my reservations about the front porch darkening the space and taking away from the window view were completely unfounded.  

People watching is great from in here!  

 and there are so many windows and so much light...something that is rare for a retail space in Belfast. 

Progress so far from the hour I spent priming last night...not too bad 

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