Saturday, February 15, 2014

In which we start seeing this as a good thing.

TEST complete.  Thank you all. The comment section appears to all just don't use it.....sigh.

We stopped by the building Saturday to do some measuring for our next project and so I snapped some good shots of the work so far.  Greg hadn't been upstairs to see the fourth window and the rear of the building semi-framed out, so I was puttering downstairs and all of a sudden I hear him say..."ok, now I can see it, now I can see that this was a good thing for us."  Funny, I was thinking the same thing a floor below!

I should have stayed and had this on video.  This shot was taken right before 2/3rds of the wall on the second floor gets taken out. 

Boys couldn't do the whole wall at once because they have put in a corner post on the left hand corner in the photo below.  They also cut and framed the fourth window on the second floor on the long side. I assume the section of wall below on the first floor will have to be replaced because of the tiny door that was cut in (where the blue board is).  I had an entry all ready to go on the numbers of creepy little doorways we found in the building...but I never got around to sharing that story.  Anyway, there will be another window going in on the first floor to the left of the blue board panel.

Before shot:

There are 11 of these windows going in on the first floor, three more to cut in and frame out.  

It's getting pretty light in here on such a cloudy day.  

Viking delivered our steel columns yesterday.These will go down the center of the lower level space, where the new LVL beams are located.  They are smaller than I thought.  We need to order one more...forgot about the opening out to the addition.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Seth, I would like to hear about the creepy little doorways. American Gothic East? The hotel hallways in The Shining? TW

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm one of those lurkers who never oosts...guilty as charged. Really enjoying your blog though, not to mention the transition from slum and blight to ....what's the new name gonna be?

seth said...

I will look back through my photos TW and see if I can construct an entry. Took me until just now to figure out whose initials were "TW" Got it!