Monday, February 3, 2014

In which I feel like the hamburgler again

"Rubble, rubble...rubble, rubble" is what kept going in my mind as I spent about four hours yesterday cleaning out the last (didn't I say that a few times before?) of the granite rubble from out under the building.  We do indeed have at least 100 inches everywhere underneath.  Today, I am sore and sick...both Greg and I have sinus colds that started yesterday.  I have a few Maine auctions to attend over the next few days and if successful, I have a trip back to Boston in the near future to deliver the goods so my shippers will have an easier time of it.  So, I will be working on the building when I can over the next week.

The construction boys have been working elsewhere the last week, but apparently are back at the building again today.  They grumbled about the jack hammering, so they should be happy that that project is done.  I believe they are framing in the floor for the addition on the first floor, which will enclose the lower level addition and provide an enclosed, heatable space.

More photos soon...nothing has changed, save our rubble pile!

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