Thursday, February 13, 2014

In which we get new window openings

The new window openings are being framed out.  As I walked through the building yesterday, I noted silently to myself that we should have just torn the building down.  I was remiss in not having my camera then, because the boys had just taken out the whole back wall of the first floor and then informed me that they will be doing the same with the second floor...most likely because of this, which one friend jokingly noted looks like the Van Halen logo:

Anyway, now that I have gotten over my pity party for one,  I am getting more excited about the space than ever before.  Could this be because we already have an amazing first floor tenant who completely jives with our aesthetic for the building??  It could! 

See what I mean about replacing the first floor walls?  These new windows look East, directly down the road to the town dock and anchorage.  

This is the view from the new window cut outs on the second floor where the living room for the apartment will be.  

More living room view

What a difference having a full crew makes.  This is a day's progress.  

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