Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In which the ole girl gets undressed

I've been up to my eyes in auctions these past few days, so it has been a delight to stop by Slum and Blight in the afternoons to chart progress.  

An exciting development that I was hoping would come to light is the survival of the original flat clapboard facade boards underneath a later layer of clapboard.  If you take a look at the original photo at the top of this page, you will see that the front is flat while the sides have clapboard.  
We will check these out, and hope to keep this facade rather than re-clapboard over it.  The door frame is great!

As I said earlier, the 3rd floor windows appear to be the original and might have the original moldings that will help give us an idea of what to put back around the new windows

I think this original facade adds a touch more character to the building.

Though, you can't get much better than this when one talks character in a building...Give me strength!  I think I need to launch a kickstarter campaign!

Ok, this is the much more tame side....things are looking up!

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