Thursday, February 27, 2014

In which I am out of town and getting updates via text and email.

Will there be a gable roof framed out by the time I get back?

Full steam ahead.  It looks like they have finished framing out all the windows and the porch door at the front of the building.  I wonder how that looks all opened up? 
Greg and I spent hours talking, and he spent more hours planning and designing, so that we could figure out where the stairs would go from the second to the third floor.  
You'd think we'd have this figured out by now, and we did, then the plan changed. The elevator was scrapped and I became enamored of having a bedroom on the top floor of the addition rather than a staircase.  So where to put it?
We thought we could sacrifice a bedroom for a stair, but it was going to be a huge waste of space.  We think we have it down now, thanks to Greg.  The bonus news is that we may yet get four bedrooms outta the ole girl.  Bu,t will we be able to get the beds up the stairs is our current worry. 


Anonymous said...

"OK", time to get back to it and bring us up to date with a series of new pictures.

seth said...

Your wish is my command Sahib....