Saturday, January 18, 2014

So far the boys have replaced two and a half of the three support beams that span the width of the building in the lower level. One of the first things we noticed the first time we saw the space was that the support beams holding the building up were more than a bit curvy, or even saggy.  To have them finally replaced feels really good.  The entire building is now supported by a new foundation and new support beams....and we have the new retail space as a bonus.   As you see in the photos from the last post, the floor joists from the first floor were cut and the new support beams hoisted up to rest directly against the sub-flooring and the joists attached with hangers, giving us about 6 inches more head room.  The lower level looks HUGE now.

I thought I was done with the digging, but yesterday found me below grade, shoveling, and pick-axing for the morning with Greg.  My back can't stand too much more. I have called in reinforcements and we are looking for a big-ass jack hammer to finish the job.  Either way, I still have to pack my suits and leave for NY on Monday.  I don't really want to go, as I am having much more fun here, but it helps pay the bills!

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