Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In which I have an update on the whole progress thing.

Layout of the lower space is taking shape!  The boys are making it weatherproof so they can work down there in the bad weather.  We had to make the window to the far right in the photo below a little shorter, but with some foundation plantings, who'll know?  It's still hard to visualize what this building will look like with the two dormers and new windows EVERYWHERE.

This is the view from the middle of Main Street...yeah baby!!

This is the current view from the front corner of our property...hmm, I think we'll have to whack some plants back....who am I kidding? they come out in favor of a nice grassy area with full view to the lower shop.  I was thinking of placing a sitting boulder here.  There is a great view of the harbor from this soon to be grassy knoll.   People could "meet at the rock."  Anyway, these are the thoughts that swirl around my head day to day.

This is the nice view of the new space from the corner.  Very visible.  I am thinking the granite pavers will look great as a terrace between the door and the back lot

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