Thursday, January 16, 2014

In which Greg goes down to the building to blast the remaining rock in the lower level to smithereens

Yesterday Greg got back from the building all happy and jazzed because he had a good day working down there.  He said that today he would be renting a jack hammer and going to town on the remaining rock left in the floor under the lower level.   I tried pick-axing and sledge hammering that stuff, but only managed to hurt my wrists in the process. The boys had been at it with jack hammers and drills and a saw a few months ago and were frustrated that they only got down about 4" of the needed 7-8".  They want no part of trying to get down any further. 

Well, last night, I forwarded onto Greg information about a product called Dexpan, a silent, non-explosive, cracking compound.  This was after I volunteered to come down there and whack the rock with the sledge hammer to try and crack it for him...that was before my brain kicked in and told me that would be a bad idea right before I have to be in NY for work.

This morning Greg gets up and says to me..."I'm going for the drill and the Dexpan, no need for either one of us to do that to our bodies."  I just hope the drill will do the trick with the holes, the rock that is left down there is some hard s**t! 

I think it is probably best for me to stay away unless called upon to help!  

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