Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In which I took the day off and Greg worked with the boys

Meanwhile, down underneath, we have some new support beams.  The old support beams were a bit, shall we say, misshapen.  The old beams also hung down below the floor joists by a good 8 inches.  We, I am using the royal we here, are replacing those old beams with new manufactured beams that we are inserting between the joists rather than under them.  Each joist then attached with joist hangers.  There will still have to be posts in the middle of the floor, but there is such a feeling of more headroom!

It's quite the comfortable workspace now that it is all enclosed.  

This photo gives you a good idea of how much headroom we are gaining.  The old beam is jutting in from the left in the photo below.  The new beam saves us 6 inches.  Great for people my size!

The beams make all the difference. Seeing how much progress there is already makes me very happy. I will be away next week for work and I will be very happy to see the results when I get back.

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