Sunday, January 26, 2014

In which I return to Maine and much has changed

Yes, yes, I have been reminded by an anonymous comment to update the blog.  Work took me away from the state to New York, where I survived a snowstorm and an apartment with no internet service, so no updating of this here blog thingy.  I know alls y'all want is photos, so here they are.  
When I left Maine on Monday, this is what I saw, the beginnings life for the old girl.  The shingles coming off was and is a big'll see why at the end of the skipping!
I am a bit sad that the original trim boards that outlined the peak of the roof had to come down, but they were as dry and brittle as all the rest of the boards in the building.

By Wednesday, Greg had sent me a slew of photos that took my breath away..I am back to being scared and overwhelmed. Here we have the building with the shingles off.  It looks a million times better here.  

Then this photo arrives and I am a bit shocked.  If you see in the photo above, the corner post for the building is pretty much non-existent, to replace the sill, the boys had to pretty much remove the whole back section here because the corner post needed replacing as did many of the studs.  Referencing the photo above again, you can see that there is a metal hatch on the was from here for the past 50 years or more that a leak pretty much ate away this corner of the building...for three floors! Yikes!

The newly replaced sill and studs for the back corner. 

We had a nice Southerly view for a spell, though.  Hey, look how straight that floor is!  Too bad the addition isn't here, it would make sense. 

This is the point where the contractor's boys told us we probably should have torn the building down!  This is the back wall of the first floor with all the shingles removed on the outside.  The new wood on the right is simply temporary to keep the weather out.  There will eventually be a wall of windows looking East along this wall.  

Meanwhile, under the building:  We were left with some big chunks of granite that wouldn't come out.  Broke drill bits, a diamond blade saw, shovels, picks, etc.  The stuff just wouldn't move.
 until Dan the man arrived with the big guns, a huge jack hammer with an air compressor!  In three days Greg and Dan worked like dogs to get the final granite ledge out.  

We now have full height in the lower level, and several new drill bits. 


Greg moved all this rubble, you go boy!

We still have two more days rental on the jack hammer, so I think I'll go back to New York!

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