Thursday, September 5, 2013

in which we recommence work

Work has resumed at ole' Slum and Blight.  We now have the whole building to ourselves.  Greg spent our first day of occupancy cleaning up the outside of the building, mowing, painting the fence over....sorry to all of you who hated the graffiti, we felt it important to leave up so that 1. it wouldn't happen again and 2. the person who painted it on might feel embarrassed about having done it.
From this angle, the building looks almost normal instead of one that needs to be completely rebuilt!!

The entrance is guarded by Ron Cowen totems.   These totems are going away for the winter, but they will return next Spring hopefully

I had to be in New York for the last several days, so when I got back, I found that Greg had already started gutting the first floor.  I am happy to be in the space, which looks huge!  It made me happy to be there yesterday and see what potential the inside of the building holds for some lucky new renter next year!

Though, as you might be able to see....we have a long way to go!  All these walls and the ceiling have to come out.  Can you see how the posts taking the weight bend slightly??  Yikes, it gladdens my heart that we already took 13 tons of debris out from above this space!  What keeps me going is the thought that those windows on the left will be replaced with 8 foot tall ones that look out onto the footbridge and the inner harbor.  

 I couldn't stand it and in a fit of peak that is bound to drive Greg crazy, I started tearing out the wall underneath the central window (rather than start on the left and move right...what fun is that, I ask you).  Beneath a layer of sheet rock, there is a 2" thick piece of blue board.  Underneath that is a wood wall with at least five paint layers. 
 The photo below shows the approximate size of the new windows.

 The window must have been filled in years and years and years ago, because the boards used to cover them up have the same old crusty paint surface that the walls have.  The walls are wide boards that look like they might be fir.  Paint layers below and....wait for it....wait for it......
 More period wall paper above the paint line!

It is pouring rain today, which means leaks and such......sigh...going to meet a man about removing some scrap metal!

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