Monday, September 9, 2013

in which we can see some progress...and the original walls

Greg and I spent most of the weekend either working on the building or cleaning cottages.  We made some great progress!

This is a good view of the North wall, the one that faces the Route 1 Bridge and the inner harbor.  The original window sizes are revealed and we cannot wait to put back the full sized windows to let the light and the view into the building.  We think someone faced a firing squad there at the lower right of the photo!
 South side of the building has a number of random blocked up door and window frames.  And so ghetto graffiti.  This building should be somewhere in NY with all the tags all over it!

 Doin' what we do best....making a mess of things!

 What blog post would be complete without a wall paper shot??
This is a lovely early one with cabbage roses.  It appears to be the first layer...there are five more layers of paper above this one.

We seem to be making progress.  I would've liked to keep the wooden walls, but they are really torn up.  I do think they add a bit of stability to the current structure, so I am loathe to take them down until we have some foundation work done.  Speaking of which, Sarah, our fabulous architect is trying to get everyone to meet at the building this week to go over the plans.  Perhaps we can get a building permit soon and get underway with the foundation!


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