Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In which, of course, there is more than one ceiling to take down.

I started removing the bead board ceiling on the first floor yesterday morning.  Upon removing the first few boards, what did I find but WALLPAPER!  That is right, all the ceilings were wallpapered over plaster and lathe and then later, simply bead boarded over and painted about 5 times.  There is one section of the ceiling that has four layers:  Wall board, blue board insulation, bead board, and then the plaster and lathe ceiling....won't that be fun!  


This is the most complete pattern on the ceiling

This is the paper that is under the paper above. The photo is upside down

 Blue and white stripes with rocaille decoration and flowers...very spiffy

While I was doing that, Greg removed one of the facings from the wall at the back of the space and used our handy-dandy passage through the bathroom to dumpster number 9.  Just delivered yesterday morning and already half full!

and then, after we had the electrical box dismantled, we took out all the electrical outlets and fixtures that had been run on top of the current walls and ceiling.  

We also had one of our friends come and take the remaining furnace and oil tank away, so yesterday was a banner one for Slum and Blight work...but boy, do we hurt!

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