Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In which we add treasures to our altar of peoples past

Greg made all the finds this time around,  Lots of stuff besides nests and poop came raining down upon us over the last week.  Empty nail polish bottles, curlers, a handful of marbles and some empty canned goods.  Below are some of the best!

I wonder if the Colonial will honor this??  A big black plastic wallet came tumbling down and though we really wanted it to be filled with $20s (it was not), what we found was really cool..a two for one pass to the local theater (still in business) that was good in June 1966.  Methinks this might be a good auction item for a fundraiser in town.  

We have dubbed this lovely yarn doll "Dirty Ghetto Girl"  

What an interesting thing to find in the ceiling, a double sided scrap of paper with poems written all over it.  The page is still a bit dirty and I have not wanted to handle it too much yet.  When I get a chance, I will transcribe for you, gentle reader.  

Just a sampling of the many curlers we found.  My mom used to use a similar type when I was a kid.

A lone Christmas ornament made from a clothespin.  It still has bling attached!

"Every bartender in town knew the mayor's daughter......if not by name, by her reputation..."  
who wouldn't want to read "Man Crazy" after that tag at the top of the novella!

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