Friday, May 3, 2013

In which we fly our space planner in from LA...she is that good!

Spent the day yesterday salvaging a paintings deal between two clients.  I seem to work three times as hard for half the pay these days in my art-based business.  Luckily, after several hours on the phone, I got both parties to agree to terms. But in the end, I never did get my work hours in at the building.  Though the day before, I tempted Greg to abandon work to come with me to an auction preview in Augusta, we did get back in time to haul about 10 wheelbarrows full of dirt out from under the building.  So, Greg and I were, again, taken away from the work at hand by our jobs.  Greg is working on a benefit fashion show next weekend in Rockland and so he spent the day amid a flurry of emails and texts to try and get the show to come together.  Local folks, if you can make it, Fashion's Night Out should prove to be a wonderful event and benefits local area LGBT youths who need a safe place to gather and be themselves.  

In more exciting news, our friend, the talented Pegi Miller, arrives from Los Angeles today ready for a weekend of space planning for Slum and Blight.  Pegi helped us tremendously when she stepped in at the beginning of our work on Sunny Side, an 1885 Modern Gothic house in the village of Bayside, Maine.

The house looked like this when we bought it, this photo makes it look nice, but we could have pushed it down ourselves.  The gingerbread ornament on the first floor was fiberglass.

Oh my gosh, I haven't looked at the above photo for about 3 years!  We are nuts!
Anyway, Pegi helped with bathroom and kitchen layout and helped us achieve a fantastic look for the house.
Note that the clock on the wall and the fridge in both photos are in the same location.

Needless to say, we are very excited to have her come look at our newest project as she brings fresh eyes and ideas for us to work off.  She will help with measured drawings in exchange wine and good home cooked food and a few servings of fresh Maine seafood and vodka!
Let the fun begin!  I am cooking now while Greg shuffles off to Portland to pick her up.  I plan to go shovel some dirt later today. We did get about a quarter of the basement shoveled out and have  lowered the floor by a good 15" in places where there isn't a granite ledge to contend with!!

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