Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In which I constantly think to myself "I love living here!"

I know, you are all tired of hearing about anything but the on-going work on Slum and Blight, but Greg is trying to get the floor plans done and I am working on opening the cottages for the season, which starts on Friday.  Yikes...figures that it would rain all this week, putting a damper on my last minute painting plans.  

So, with the weather still cold, I decided to bite the bullet and replace the Vermont Castings gas stove at our Arts and Crafts Cottage, Little Bohemia.  I was told at the end of the 2011 season that the stove was obsolete and impossible to fix.  I decided that for 2012, I would leave the stove alone and not rent the house into the fall season.  

I took myself down to Maine Energy and told them the situation and that I wanted to know what they had on sale.  The manager asked me if, "Bob," one of their techs, had examined the stove and told me to get a new one.  I said I didn't remember.  He then looked up the service record and indeed, "Bob" had looked at the stove.  "We had problems with "Bob,"" said the manager.  "He doesn't work here anymore.  Let's have Clayton look at it."  Apparently, "Bob"  didn't know how to fix stuff and just told people that their heating units needed to be replaced. 

So, hopefully when Clayton looks at the stove tomorrow, he can fix it, which will save me all sorts of money and hassle.  I applaud Maine Energy for admitting that one of their employees went rogue and was cheating their customers.  I was happy to ask the manager to come down to Slum and Blight and give me an estimate on what it might cost to install heating units on all the floors. 

By the way, dear readers, Little Bohemia is for sale.  

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