Saturday, May 18, 2013

In which I forget that I have other work to do.

I suddenly realized that my first renters are arriving next week for the cottages.  So, this weekend, I am attempting to paint as many porches as possible.  It helps that we use all the same colors at each cottage.  So yesterday, I put the first coat of Majolica Green on the porch at Little Bohemia.  I have two more porches to do there.  And then, of course, I will want to paint the whole house...something I don't have time to do, but should since the house is for sale.

Next week finds me road tripping to New Hampshire and Vermont for auctions.  Some good stuff that seems to have clients interested.  The auctions take place over Memorial Day weekend, but I would rather preview early and bid by phone if I need.

Greg has been working like a madman on our house.  We have a load of family and friends arriving in August to celebrate Greg's birthday.  Every cottage is filled and we had to rent another house for the spillover and so he is doing all those projects that needed to get done, like rebuilding the porch railing.  Last year we almost had the porch fall down on us, bringing the second floor with it!  Ahhh life in decrepitude in Maine!!!  Gotta love it!

Oh, and the In Town Design Review Committee approve us tearing down the barn!  Onward!

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