Sunday, February 1, 2015

In which we slowly move towards working at the Ocean House again.

What a week for weather!  As I write this is is something like 4 degrees out on a day between snow storms.  Life is busy here, but I did find a few hours to go and prime the sprinkler pipes white to make them disappear.  Not as long a job as I thought it would be, but just so boring that I am falling asleep while writing about it!  It has been good for us to "live" in the apartment for the last couple of days so that we can come up with a furnishing and flooring plan.  

We do need to do something about soundproofing between the floors.  We have some ideas, but need to pass them by someone who knows more about this than we do.  We will carpet most of the first floor of the apartment, mostly for cost, but also because the sound barrier between the retail business on the first floor and the apartment is so needed.  I have found a cellular sound barrier that is made to go under carpet matting, so I think we will be ok on that front.  

Greg is well on the way to completing the downstairs bathroom.  We have to go searching for the tile we will need for the shower and the floor early this week, so perhaps by next weekend we will be able to install the first floor sink and toilet.  Then I think finishing and furnishing a bedroom is in order so that we could actually stay overnight (only needing a electric kettle for morning tea).

We are thinking about EVERYTHING, what to do in the kitchen, what to do for stairs from the first to second floor, how to finish off the mudroom....I suppose it would be easier to have a plan in mind BEFORE starting the finishing work, hell, we don't even have paint colors in mind yet!  We do have fun though when one of us sees a pleasing treatment.  We were in LLBean the other day and love their treatment of the stairway in the outdoors building.  People think we are nuts when we start taking photos of tile we like in a public bathroom, or of stair treatments in major retailers around the world!!

The stairs today

I wish we had had the forethought to save the weathered boards from the barn to make into kitchen cabinets.  I see a kind of industrial loft like kitchen in shades of gray with open shelves below and weathered cabinets above.  Perhaps it is a pipe dream, or perhaps we know a retired Contractor with a barn full of old wood who has left the country for a few months and left the barn unguarded! 

Greg mentioned leaving all the woodwork downstairs natural color, which would give the common areas a Tudor look, something we kind of wanted way back when we took the old walls down and the space looked like this: (Oh my, this was so long ago---May of 2013)  I originally said no, that we should paint the baseboards and the window trim to match the walls, so they disappear, but I have spent a few hours contemplating it and am warming to the idea.  Sometimes treatments like that can look like a cheap ski house rental, but I bet we can make it work.  

The same space today

I just cannot wait to see what we do with this place!

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