Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In which we have a smoke stack and hand railings in!

Ok, it's official, we are a grown up building now that we have industry inside us requiring a chimney and hand railings installed on the outside stairs.  Ooo, and signage in the parking lot.  
I guess it's more that we are official now.

Greg and I agonized for weeks about whether we should go the blacksmith route and have decorative handrails made, but the expense was a bit too much to justify right now.  We went back and forth about this until we decided to save money now and have our favorite local machine shop, Doak's, just make plain and functional handrails.....they are perfect for their purpose.  At some point down the road, we may wish to make more of a statement, but right now, there are so many things to finish...
I really like these handrails.

More great news is that the pizza oven arrived and was hooked up with the chimney a day later.  I was a bit nervous about where the chimney was going to end up.  I gave my pretty strong opinion of how I wanted it to go and it came out better than I asked.  I wanted to make sure that if the chimney could come out through the molding on the side of the building, we would have a better time patching it down the road if the chimney ever got taken out or replaced. I like the way it snugs up to the corner of the building.

Greg has been working on the apartment a bit, starting in the bathrooms.  I have a bit more "other work" to get done and then I need to change gears and get this place done.  Onward!

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Dad T. said...

Have you considered painting the smoke stack the same color as the building? I assume the smoke stack is a double thickness pipe that does not get as hot on the outside as the inside. Or maybe a heat proof flat black to remove the shiney effect.