Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In which we talk finishes.

We've been having fun over the last week or so, picking tiles and carpeting and other finishes for the apartment.  We picked one tile we liked for the bathroom and then couldn't find anything to go with it, then picked something and brought it all home.  We kept saying to ourselves that it went together....but finally, after having the tiles shipped to us, we decided they were not a good match.  Hell, we have two other bathrooms, but we have different plans for those.  

Sometimes, you just have to realize you made a mistake and take the white tile back.  

But, we are keeping the groovy slate tiles.  We got some winner colors!

Greg and I couldn't stop thinking about another tile that we'd seen.  "what about that tile with the lavender glass"  one of us would say.....or "that lavender glass tile would work, we should just go get that."  So that is what we did.  

The glass tile is gorgeous.  We picked out a lavender wall color to match and the bathroom should be good to go.  Now, of course, we need to find that four foot long piece of rough cut slate to act as the bathroom sink countertop and we'll be in business!

I love this tile, its awesome!

I've taken better photos of the tile for the kitchen.  We are going industrial chic with these grey and silver porcelain floor tiles coupled with a grey stone backsplash above a stained gray wooden countertop.  Slick as snot!!

Most of the apartment will be carpeted.  We have found a few samples that we like, most of which are not in the photo below.  I am partial to the sample in the foreground for the bedroom floor of the apartment.  It makes me think of golden retrievers and tennis games.  I think it will be comforting to our renters to have such cozy carpet upstairs.  And, it is 71 cents a square foot!  Even better!  We have a red version of this carpet in our bedroom and it has lasted really well with the two of us and three dogs over the last 10 years.  

In other news, we have a long way to go!

But, the hardy backer board is almost finished in all the bathrooms!

Most of it is just piles of stuff that we haven't room to put anywhere.


On my way to finish the purple bathroom.  

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