Friday, February 13, 2015

In which we keep calm and carry on.

Oh my, so much going on.  We get alternately overwhelmed and then get calm about stuff.  Greg and I have been mulling over interior decor for the apartment as that will guide our completion of it.  We have a lot of ideas going on between our two heads, and one is gelling, but it hinges on a lot of stuff that might be hard to pull what else is new in our mad dash lives?? I always come back to something Greg said once when life was really getting to both of us.  "Life is never dull with us, and its one hell of a ride!" As long as we can maintain this philosophy along with the one about "its only paint,"  then we should be good.  

Yesterday found us everywhere but the building until the fading light of day.  We went and picked through a barn of weathered wood and mouldings to see what we could find that might go well with the exposed support posts on the first floor of the apartment.  Rather than hide the posts under layers of white paint, we want to glorify them by adding other weathered boards as stair treads, window casings, etc.  This will go along with our idea to make an industrial kitchen out of steel shelving units and rolling drawers (this concept almost had us beat, and still may...we just got some examples of the steel shelving in to see if it might work....I like the idea of stained and polyed poplar counter tops.

We made the mistake of picking the wrong color for the first floor bathroom...threw us for a loop  "should we keep it or paint over it"  Luckily, our friends at Sherwin Williams helped out and took the color we had, reduced the concentration by 50%, and gave us the perfect new color that doesn't scream "New Orleans Mardi Gras!"  but rather, is evocative of Bonwit Teller's old shopping bags from my youth.
This first floor bathroom is ready to tile and I think should be done and ready for water in the next week or so.  Hooray!  The colors of the tiles are awesome and I can't wait to see the room put together.  Once we get this small room done, it will help me so the whole project finished in my mind rather than wanting to just walk away and leave the upper two floors to time....

In our travels yesterday, we did pick up the white and black tiles for the small bathroom upstairs.

It will have that very old fashioned look complete with pedestal sink and matching white octagonal tiles for the shower.  While the first floor is supposed to be industrial and chic, I want the second floor to be cozy and inviting, a sanctuary in which to nest.  

Headed out of town for the day on other work, but back tonight.  Greg might do some experimenting with our industrial design later as he figures out whether the shelving components will work or not.  

Keep calm and carry on!

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