Monday, October 27, 2014

In which I continue to tell you way more about my floor than you wanted to know.

FLASH:  Marden's in Waterville took all 80 boxes of flooring back without question, had four guys there to unload it for us, and just continued to wow us with customer service.  How cool was that?  

So, the laminate is gone and yesterday I started in on the lower level space by moving seven heat pump heaters, eight big drywall sections, our pile of scrap lumber, and anything else that wasn't nailed down up to the apartment to store there.  I was able to move everything but the two compressors, which weigh several hundred pounds it seems.

Time to spot clean the floor.  Between not sealing the floor when we had the chance (it hadn't cured enough by then though), me painting the place, the sprinkler guys coming in with their grease, and then me painting again, there are some spots to get rid of before the cleaning can begin.  

I am carefully erasing all the paint drips with OOPS and with a bit of elbow grease, the stuff gets the latex paint right out.  The dry stuff is covering a grease stain left by the spray foam guy.  I am trying to suck out the grease with this cleaner.  If that doesn't work, I am going for the dry Oxy-clean from Ocean State.

I have been doing this and trying to set up an overseas auction bid for Wednesday morning. What's with everything coming up overseas all of a sudden?  This is my second international auction bid in the last month.

          After a few more hours tomorrow on my hand and knees scrubbing spots out, I'll be ready to for vacuuming, then a quick mop and dry before starting in on the acid etching cleaning method.  Finally, we'll be able to seal the floor, hopefully by Thursday or Friday of this week.  Our potential tenants like the natural color of the floor and so want us to clear seal it...fine with me...I like the color too.  

 The compressors that I couldn't move....we'll get them out before we finish the floor

There is nice light in here right now.

The floor is swept, but still filthy.  I am bringing in the big gun vacuum tomorrow.  A good mopping will do this floor wonders again. But look how big the space is here...nice  I hardly notice the sprinkler pipes anymore.

The floor should be good and clean by tomorrow night. fingers crossed.  

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