Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In which I dig heat pumps

It is starting to get colder here in Maine, the nights have seen temps dip into the high 20s and we have already had two snowfalls.  The first, around Halloween, took out our power for five days.  

We have three heat pump units installed in the apartment so far...the ones just on the first floor.  I set them up and left them on to see how well they would heat all 2400 square feet and they performed very well. The whole apartment is now a consistent temperature.  Granted, winter has not really arrived, but I wanted to make sure that we could handle just having three units working just in case the heating guys didn't get the rest of the units up and running...we have the units, the heating guys are just taking their time....

We have two units running in the open space of the first floor of the apartment, one in the living room and one in the hall, just under the stairs.  There is a third, smaller unit in the first floor bedroom, but I haven't turned that one on yet.  

I have reports from the first floor tenants that their unit works beautifully and they are so far happy with it.  Lisa turns hers down to about 50 at night and she says it doesn't take much time for it to get going in the mornings. The heating guys installed Daikin systems that have the ability to heat and cool as well as dehumidify.  The units are very quiet both inside and outside.  

This is the unit that pretty much heats the upstairs.  I am satisfied with the tightness of the building...I can be upstairs in the apartment and never hear what is going on outside because of the insulation in the walls.  3" of corbond on the inside and 1.5" thick blue board on the exterior.  

the smaller bedroom unit

The outside row of compressors which are quiet.  The unit under the window is the cooling unit for the commercial flower cooler on the first floor of the building.  Now that sucker is loud!  One more compressor and three more units on the upper floor need to be installed to complete the work.

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