Saturday, October 18, 2014

In which we have extra flooring....

Greg and I researched what would be the right flooring for the lower level that would work for most any business we wanted to put in, office, etc.  In the beginning of July, we found a nice laminate flooring that would work well for wasn't hardwood, so it would work in a daylight lower level space, it wasn't carpet, which might get musty on a concrete floor over time, and it wasn't an expensive tile, which would've broken the bank at the time. We went ahead and bought 1500 square feet....80 boxes of the stuff.  The flooring manager was skeptical that we had let the cement cure enough to put a floor over it.  "Ideally, you want at least six months before putting a floor down over a new concrete slab."  The moisture content of the concrete was supposed to register in the somewhere around 4-6% and we had four months since the pour and a moisture reading of 18%. We would chance it.

Well, here it is, October 18th and this is what the laminate flooring looks like today:
Yep, we never got the chance to put it down because of the mess up with the sprinkler company and their using the lower level as a workspace and then us getting busy with other things. 
So here we are, seven months after pouring the slab, dunno what the moisture content is, but probably closer to what we would need to put this flooring down.  
Our new potential tenants for the lower level want to leave the concrete floor as is and just seal it with a clear coat....the same treatment we thought about doing from the start, but cast aside because we thought a gallery or an office space would want something "wood like" and slick.  

We love that the potential new tenants are embracing the "industrial chic" look that Greg and I bandied about when we were building the space.

But, that leaves us with 1500 square feet of flooring.  We thought about moving it upstairs to use in bedrooms and such, but we really have other plans in our minds for those spaces.  We thought of taking it back, but thought we would offer it locally first.  The flooring is beautiful and durable and looks like mahogany planking. 

It has a foam backing and is a snap and click floating floor, so even I can install it! 

It even comes with the rolls of plastic underlayment needed for installation, and you can see that the boxes still have their plastic wrap on, never been opened.

So, if you have a need for a lot of good quality laminate flooring and you are near Belfast, hit us up!

UPDATE:  Incredibly, Marden's took the flooring back lock stock and barrel and gave us full price for it.  They have such excellent customer service.  We love Mardens!

Am leaving for a week on a road trip with my mom.  Updates on what is happening at the Ocean House will resume upon my return.  Suffice it to say that if the potential tenants decide that the space is right for will all LOVE us!!

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