Sunday, October 5, 2014

In which it is a rainy Sunday in October at The Ocean House

Fall has been spectacular in Maine this year.  This is perhaps the first time in three weeks that we have had a rainy night and early morning like we just did.  The leaves are gorgeous and just at their most wonderful.  Fall is my favorite season and since Greg and I missed summer altogether, I decided to slow down and enjoy the nice weather and calm streets before winter projects set in.

Lots of boats have been hauled.  We still hold out hope for some lovely days like today to go boating.

Our thoughts are turning soon to the apartment, which is the next phase after we finish the lower level.  I have to paint the walls and the pipes here before doing anything else, besides get a bathroom or two in place! 

Oh, and a kitchen built too!

The sprinkler pipes in the apartment have left the whole thing kind of quirky.

We have had a few interested parties in the lower level space.  I am loathe to show it because it really isn't finished and I think people might not see the potential it has.  I've spent part of every day putting on four coats of white linen paint on the darn sprinkler pipes and about the same time filling the holes left by the sprinkler company.  I think the pipes finally fit in.  

The lovely hole in the my brand new walls left by an errant try at getting the pipe out of the building!

Lisa and Jasmine have been moving in for the last several weeks, and the place looks great.  There appears to be a constant stream of people going in the door!

I love the weathervanes in the window...some of you may know of my penchant for weathervanes, and in fact, if you click here, you can hear the audio podcast of my noontime art talk on American weathervanes at the Colby Museum last year.

The ole' girl glows now with all the attention!

We have lawn! 

and some beautiful fall color. 

Stay tuned for photos and commentary on the back lot, which gets graded, gets parking spaced. and prettied up this week...fingers crossed. 


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Major progress that looks just great. Both of you m ust be proud.