Sunday, October 20, 2013

In which I think we are Boston back in the 90s.....The Big Dig!

The Faulkingham entry!

The Faulkinghams took the barn down a few months ago and last week they used their machines to dig the drainage ditch and dig for the foundation work.  The worker in the photo below is standing in what will be the elevator shaft pit.

 There is nothing left of Winston's machine shop under the building.  Now the old girl hovers over the site on six steel I-beams

After Greg sent me these photos, he said they would have to dig a lot of the rest by hand..."the rest???" I thought...The cement guy wants to go deeper to tie the concrete to the ledge with rebar

HA!  I never thought we would have enough debris and fill to grade the land where the barn used to be.  Look at all that dirt!

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