Sunday, October 20, 2013

In which I try and catch up.

So much has gone on the past several weeks that I find I cannot keep up!  D & S Jacking from right here in Northport worked their magic and found they only needed to raise the building an inch to straighten her out and get the sag out of the middle of the building.  Their work was done by last Saturday, right when I was getting on the road to drive my mom to Florida.  We took a week to make the trip, stopping with friends in Maryland for a few nights.  While away, John Faulkingham came with his big excavator and dug...dug...dug all around the building...but I will leave that for another post.  

When Scott Richards and crew raised the building, all the pressure came off the foundation and it pretty much just collapsed.  As I was cleaning up, I came upon the four cedar tree trunks that were holding up one side of the building.  Each "post" was about 6 feet tall and I thought, all right, I will muscle these over to the dumpster...they each weighed about 2 lbs...dry as toast, these five supports were holding up a 5,000 square foot three story building...AND the building was 20 tons heavier before we gutted it!  

 But she stands straight and tall now!

I thought this shot of the old girl was disturbing and scary...just wait until the photos from the next post!

I mean, really, look how straight she sits!  

Gotta love this photo, it shows how insane we are to take this project on!
 The brick foundation just crumbled

This is the last I saw of the building before I left to drive to Florida.  Faulkingham is just starting to dig and he is pulling up pieces of the granite ledge...oy!

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