Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In which there is so much going on...but I will just address the bathrooms today

I have photos and blog fodder for several entries over the next couple of days as there is so much going on at 'ole Slum and Blight.  We must have had about 10 people working there today at various times.....and, of course we are an official work site now!
'cause we have a port-a-john!

Speaking of bathrooms......We didn't think this one was up to code, so we've decided to remove it...entirely, along with the one next to it. 

While we are at it, this wall has to go too...but the studs stay until we can figure out the beam above...it appears to be somewhat cracked.  

Already removed the toilet and the sink from this bathroom.  All that remains is the graffiti....for those of you who are still racking their brains to decipher what it says:  "Tinder & Thayer Big Fat Liars"  This greeted us in the bathroom when we finally took possession of the first floor of the space on September 1.  

This is about day two when all the sinks and toilets were removed and we started working on the layers of walls.

The gorgeous avocado green sink is cast iron.  It has gone to a better home now.

The walls came down with the sawzall and some brute strength...seeing as there were either 40 screws or 8" nails in everything!

Greg loves demo...look he is wearing a mask and hardhat!

The last of the bathroom goes.

Just in time for our favorite building movers to arrive...moving???  Stay tuned....

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