Sunday, October 27, 2013

In which we got nailed

Lest you think that the only thing going on at Slum and Blight is happening on the outside, I have prepared some photos for you, dear readers, showing our nail escapades.  Having had three to four coverings recently removed from the ceilings, each joist from the floor above had lots of protruding, leftover nails embedded in the surface.  Needless to say, we were not looking forward to removing these, as it had to be done by hand.  Some of the nails were longer finish nails for the beadboard ceiling (remember that?) and some were shorter nails from the original plaster and lathe ceilings.  We thought it would take reality it only took two of us about a day and a half for the first floor.

Oy! may the gods help us!  At least I gave my calves a workout today climbing up and down the ladders!  My shoulders kill, but it is done.  Greg admitted that he kind of liked it...there are two more floors to go, my sweet!  

Pretty ceilings!  Now comes sanding...sometime later down the road.

We are currently in the throws of fenestration frustration.  We are about to order 43 new windows and since we have a choice, have a centrally located business that we think MUST look good from the outside, we are a bit overwhelmed.  We don't want to go the cheap windows are just that...nor can we afford to have the gorgeous windows I would like to put in, each with individual panes of glass and nice wooden mullions...We think we have decided to go with Marvin windows, but are still tweaking some of the details.  We think we got a really nice deal from Al over at EBS, so we are putting in some detailing that will upcharge the quote given.  By Tuesday we shall have made the decision and be happy about it.  

Since we are so focused on windows, we've decided to take a Sunday drive to Marden's in Brewer.  We were there last month and they had some really nice solid wood interior doors that Greg and I both agreed that we loved (will wonders never cease??).  I think they are about half what we would spend in town.  I haven't counted the doors we need yet, but if we need 43 windows, we probably need 25 doors, so any savings there would help.  Photos of the doors to come soon!
Happy Sunday! 

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