Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In which we tell the tale of the sale of the Ocean House

Some of you may have noticed the small signs out front of the Ocean House today.  We closed last night on the sale of the building to some people from Bermuda who had come to Belfast as few times in the last several years and watched the progress we made with regards to the building.  Several months ago, I had a call from my favorite real estate broker who said that someone was interested in investing in the Ocean House.  When I said that we didn't need investors, I was told that they interested party was seeking a sale price.  Back and forth we went.  To our surprise they met our price.  They love the building and everything about it. The couple came for a final walk through last Sunday, when Brambles was having its open house and Meanwhile was in full swing.  
They were thrilled and we signed on the dotted line yesterday, after approving our kitchen plans.  Greg and I must finish the apartment by the first of June or else start paying rent on the space ( a great incentive for us to finish!)  We made this easy, and the new owners simply purchased our company.  They don't want anything to change and they asked if Greg would stay on as property manager for now.  He agreed.  
This is bittersweet for me.  I was sitting, just the other night, at the bar at Meanwhile, musing to myself that just a year ago I had my pick axe and my pry bars out to lower the floor 24" or so and now the restaurant was packed with people at 4:50pm.  The story I didn't tell on facebook was about how amazed I was that Greg and I pulled it off again.  Thanks to my blog, the new owners knew exactly what went into the renovation of this amazing lady.  

With this deal in the works, Greg and I got our courage up to inquire about some other property in the area.  We had been out to dinner in Belfast with a friend when our immediate neighbor stopped by the table to say hi.  One thing led to another and Greg and I decided to try our luck and called his office the next day to inquire what he would be willing to take for his lot in town.  Greg and I had been talking about this for a while, first jokingly and then more seriously as time went on.  
It took almost a month of negotiating, but we finally came to an arrangement.  Greg and I thought we should get everything done before Spring hit full force.  We chose a closing day for the Ocean House of the last day of March and we chose today, the first of April, to close on Penobscot McCrumb, because a fool and his money are soon parted, so might as well sign on the dotted line today!!
There is quite a bit more land here than we had at the Ocean House.  Once we remove the building itself and the trailers go away (by the end of next month, promise!), we'll have some amazing real estate, which can be yours....if the price is right. 

So, that's the story of the Ocean House sale. At best, it is pure fiction, dreamed up last night at 3Tides with Mike Cunning at Worth Real Estate.  The Ocean House is still our baby, and is still wholly owned and worked on daily by the boys at UNME, LLC.  

With that, I wish you all a happy, healthy April Fools!


Peggy O'Connor said...

Sometimes I hate you guys!!!!!!

seth said...

No hating Peggy, just a bit of fun.....I've gotten it from all sides today, apparently, we tricked a good portion of town over this! Happy April first!!