Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In which I get to visit Red Hook....Brooklyn

I am leaving on the road tomorrow, round about 6am.  I am headed to New York for some meetings, but I am more excited, not to run around the city seeing shows and exhibitions on my down time, but rather traveling over the bridge to Red Hook, Brooklyn, to the Ikea there.  Out of all the stuff we need, Red Hook has the most.  I am still going to be 5 drawer fronts short of a full deck, but its better than 8 drawer fronts, some side panels, and the drawer pulls!  Greg has also sent me off to buy the vanity for the master bath....of course, they are out of that style in Brooklyn, but they do have it in New Haven, so I am golden!  Of course New Haven doesn't have any of the other stuff I I am spending my Friday night getting my car out of hock and driving over the bridge.  I figure if I left at 7pm, I would have a good chance of getting to Red Hook by 8pm and have an hour to get my shopping cart together before the doors close.  Perhaps I'll wait and have dinner there....Swedish Meatballs, mmmmmmmm.

Have spent the last several days cleaning.  It finally reached into the low 60s here yesterday and Greg and I decided to spend that time outdoors, repairing the back lot at the Ocean House from the winter of snow plowing....peastone was probably not the best choice for Maine, but it didn't take all that long to rake the driveway and surrounding areas.  My question is where did half the pea stone go??

We've had our first confirmed rental of the season.  A nice couple who are building a house here have asked to be the first tenants of the Ocean House starting the 30th of June..We have 10 weeks from yesterday and it is time to kick it into high gear.  I finally finished grouting the last bathroom, so next is the stairs and the kitchen.  We'll make it, or at least we'll get far enough that our guests are comfortable.  But, as regular readers of my blogs know, we love deadlines.  Everyone shakes their heads and says "they'll never get it done in time." and then we do.  Simple as that.

We also had a blog reader stop in yesterday to introduce himself.  A nice young man from California who is thinking of moving here to Belfast.  Welcome Tim and Frank and thanks for stopping by the Ocean House to introduce yourselves. Good Luck with your endeavors!

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