Friday, April 3, 2015

In which we are back to normal and certainly not selling the Ocean House....yet!

I should offer some sort of comfort to my readers who wanted to hurl stuff at me yesterday.  I guess the prank sale of #2 Cross Street affected many.  My apologies to my tenants who were not in on the prank and probably spent most of April first on the phone looking for other places to set up shop!  To Mike Cunning for playing along!  That was great fun!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post!  We have finally finished tiling the bathrooms!  Just in time to head to Florida for the weekend to spend Easter with my mom.  Back to work on Tuesday though...two days in the sun will probably not be enough to recharge our batteries all the way, but it sure helps!

I spent most of yesterday consolidating our construction crap.  It is a good feeling when the project starts to come together so much that you want to rid rooms of construction debris and just get them finished.  I made the first floor bedroom the materials room and was able to organize and store or pitch almost every tool and bag of mortar and paint can in the place.  Much better now!  We are in furnishing mode as well, so I made one room into furniture storage for the apartment.  We have one chair so far!

Our goal is to finish the kitchen plan today and order the cabinets.  We already bought the appliances, tough looking Maytag black ones with handles that match the hardware on the drawer fronts.  We chose grey cabinets with black stone countertops.  Tiling on the kitchen will commence next week after we finish preparing the floor with Hardy backerboard and sound proofing material.  

I had assembled two steel shelving units in the kitchen for experimentation as kitchen cabinets....but we just don't have the energy to figure it out and build it, so for just a bit more $$, we decided to go for Ikea.  With their 20% off sale on kitchens, we certainly got a good deal.  

I was getting sick of the mess and the debris piles everywhere, so I took some time to clean, organize, and play house.  I have a rental website where I update the construction photos in hopes of attracting early renters! So far we have had two inquiries, but no takers.  But, if I can make the place look livable instead of look scary, we might get some adventurous travelers!

The walls are finished and look nice a crisp in their grey color

Greg finished tiling the floor in the master bath, but we were both too tired to take photos of the finished floor. After lunch, I abandoned cleaning to be the back butter buddy.  We got the floor finished in no time with me slathering on the mortar and Greg placing the tiles.  

This bathroom is going to be particularly gorgeous.  

We did have lunch downstairs at Meanwhile in Belfast.  The superfood salad was incredibly beautiful and tasty.  And the Visionary Pizza was spectacular!  

Happy Easter!

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