Thursday, January 1, 2015

In which the New Year brings happiness to the Ocean House!

A year ago today, this is where we were with renovations at the Ocean House.  We did a lot of work in a year!  This is now the beautiful first floor space where Brambles is located.  Note that we had not even put new windows at this point!

Yesterday marked the first day that the building is fully heated, and none too soon since it was 9 degrees when I woke up yesterday.  I had the pleasure of going down to the building to make sure the heat pumps were working.  One of the things I kept reading about before we put these heat pumps in was that as the temperature lowers, the efficiently of the heat pump gets less.  I was so happy to see that all the spaces in the building were cozy and warm.  What I LOVE though is that the heat is moist.  I am experimenting with the heat in the apartment, where there are six heating units.  With only two units going last month, the bill was around 100.00 for heating 2400 square feet.  I am hopeful that with more units, the bill might actually lower, since (in my mind) the compressor will work less with more units working.  We'll see.  I have our winterized cottage heat set around 50 degrees and the bill comes to about 120 a month for propane to heat a space half the size of the apartment.....color me impressed!

In other news, the buildout of the lower level space is coming along very nicely.  The tenants are doing a really nice job making a welcoming space for their restaurant.  One hardly recognizes the interior anymore.  Hard to believe that this is what that space looked like a year ago: Oh wait, there wasn't a space there a year ago, I can still see through the building at this point.  
Greg and I are headed out of town for a few weeks, our first vacation in about two years. Work resumes on the apartment when we return, all tanned and rested.  

Happy 2015 everyone, may the New Year bring a finished Ocean House and prosperity to everyone!

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