Saturday, November 22, 2014

In which a lease is finally signed for the lower level!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion.  We finally signed a lease with our tenants for the lower level space!  In coming to know our tenants more, it was evident that we both want the same things for the lower level, and have some of the same design aesthetics.  Whether it was a good move or not, we all agreed to have our lawyers work on a lease that we would both be comfortable with in the end.  That was almost five weeks ago!  Yesterday, both parties were fed up and we decided to just go with the last version of the lease rather than wait for the lawyers to dicker more.  Then the lawyers came back to say..yes, you can all sign. 
We have a new restaurant space in town now!  The proprietors want to be open as soon as they can, which I hope means that they will be open for "New Years by the Bay."  The build out is extensive and very cool.  Greg and I are really excited!

Welcome to the Ocean House, Alex and Clementina!  We can't wait to have you in the space.

This is the Federal Street Facade, and the restaurant will go in on the red level.  

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Bob Adler said...

Mazal tov. Looking forward to the new restaurant below the moved/expanded/beautiful Brambles. What kind of restaurant is in the works?