Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In which we are ready....we hope!

Through the miracles of modern blogging, we jump from getting the upstairs carpeted to having the whole place furnished and ready for renters today.  Greg and I are broken and sore, but we got it done, and not without help from a LOT of people.  Thank you all, Larry, Sharon, Michael and Bonnie, Monicque, Seth and Sarah, David and Sarah and the crew at Marshall Wharf, Jared, Davey, Willy, and all of you who came to help us, support us, and feed us!  We love Belfast and our community for just this reason.  

I haven't taken the final photos, and lots of these images have changed already with additions and subtractions....Will take more photos after today is over


Dad T said...


Can't wate to see it in person.

Stephane Gingra said...

Thank you for sharing. Hope to hear more from you.