Monday, March 16, 2015

In! (and some commentary)

I went from taxes to grouting.  Greg had laid this floor a few days ago and I wanted to get it done and out of the way.  It is a gorgeous floor and much easier to manage than the slate.  It would have taken only a few hours had I not run out of grout with a 24 x 24" section unfinished!  Thought 25 lbs of grout would be sufficient for the shower and the floor.  Always have enough grout on hand!

I had finished the shower the day before.  It is beautiful!  Same pattern as the floor, but in white.

The blue spa-like walls really glow with the white fixtures.  

Looking like a place I'd like to stay!

While I finish in the bathroom upstairs, Greg started on the shower downstairs.  Floor to ceiling tile, with a strip of iridescent glass tiles around the perimeter. very luxurious!  This is in the bathroom with the slate tiles.  

I really dig the colors together.  

Today, I painted the living room.  The color is called "grayish" and works well with all the light and with the space in general.  All the outside perimeter walls will be painted this color on the first floor and then the remaining core walls will probably be a different color.  

I just committed us to do an open house fundraiser for Our Town Belfast sometime at the end of May...We have to be somewhat done by then!  

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