Thursday, March 26, 2015

In which the tiling continues!!

Tiling, tiling, tiling....that is the theme of our lives at the Ocean House right about now.  Greg has moved onto the master bathroom below and I just finished the first floor shower grouting and polishing.

The shower came out beautifully with the matching grout to the slate floor, the colors really gel.
We are pretty finished with this bathroom save for the vanity.  Our idea of using an old dressing table base of my great-grandmother's didn't really go very well after bring the piece down to the building.  We are now looking at building a vanity out of metal pipe with a wooden shelf underneath for storage. 

We decided against our original idea for the kitchen of using industrial shelving for the base cabinets and floating boards for storage above.  While in Boston last week, we traveled to IKEA to check on their kitchens and found that getting already made up cabinets is less expensive and will ultimately make the kitchen much more user friendly.  We are able to design the kitchen from our living room, order it and go pick up all the pieces...and the 20% off sale will help pay for the upper cabinets! Score!!

We did have the electricians in last week and they gave us more light than the four lamps and two outlets we've had to work with.  Now we have light fixtures and chandeliers galore!

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